sobota, 06. september 2014

Gooood weekend!

Party until morning - Chill check
Sleep 'till afternoon - Chill check
Buy a chilli plant - Chill check
Move to a super chilled new place - Chill check
Good weekend - Chill check
Too much chill in one post - Check :D

petek, 05. september 2014

It happens once in a while that a time comes when one has to deal with people not being here anymore.
Softy find a tiny space in your heart, save the memories, wrap them in the loveliest of colours known to man.
And let it go.

petek, 01. avgust 2014

Wineist, Spanish Passion

A da je poletje? :D

New work for the Wineist, themed Spanish Passion.
Sej vsi vemo, kaj se zgodi, ko je vroče, ko se temperament sprosti in se spije malo po malo veliko dobrega.

ponedeljek, 14. april 2014

sobota, 01. marec 2014

50 odtenkov njive

V sodelovanju z mojstrom De Ceccom in Tejo Idejo. Mojih je samo par črk, ampak zgleda pa fino!

ponedeljek, 06. januar 2014


I do love me some birthdays especially when there are fairy tale numbers involved!